Sand Castles in the Sky

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of seeing another town.  She grew up on one place and had never been outside the boundaries of her city.  She wondered what the world was like beyond her home, where people spoke unfamiliar tongues, dressed in different clothes, and had different color of skin.


In the meantime, the girl could only read her books and imagine herself transported to mountains, forests, and coasts she saw in the photos.  The pages held so much color and excitement that made real life seem even more dull and hopeless.  Her future, however, seemed laid out in front of her as the old dusty carpet that lead nowhere in particular, and yet, there was no chance of stepping aside.

Until one day, the grey thread of her life got tangled and, in confusion, replaced with an orange thread.  That new thread led her to blazing and scarcely populated planet, where sun threatened to kill any minute and where distances kept people apart.  There were many foreign things to learn and accept; challenges and compromises; defeats and successes.

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The girl has grown and settled into her new life in this, now familiar planet of sun, heat, and isolation.  She thought she was happy because finally she lived in a place outside her town and everyone assured her it was a much, much better place.  Until something changed again.

The girl found herself in the city, full of windows, colors, scents, and people.  And then there were mountains and the river.  She was in an ancient place that felt very fresh and alive.  Every day held a surprise: street not yet explored, bread not yet tasted, person not yet met.  The life seemed to unfold itself in layers previously invisible, offering taste of something new and exciting around each corner.


It was only then that the girl realized she knew nothing of life and that it was arrogant to claim otherwise.  She was putting together a colorful puzzle of life without seeing the picture on the box.  It made her nervous and at times frustrated, as she blindly tried to fit pieces together only to realize they don’t fit.

So instead, she gave up.  No, she didn’t stop working on the puzzle. Instead, she patiently picked up one piece at a time and tried to find where it belonged.  As the picture grew more clear, the girl could see outline of castles, beautiful and majestic, with towers reaching high into the clouds.  In the background, blue ocean waves rolled across the horizon while the foreground was crowded with people from all the different places she has been in and places yet not yet visited.  They were all coming to greet her and remind her that no matter where she went, she would always feel at home.

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  1. José

    Hi Anya,

    It’s wonderful to read your stories, admire the pictures and getting hungry after seeing the recipes!
    I was so fortunate to try some of your recipes already;)
    Hope that 2014 will bring you a lot of inspiration!

    • Anya O.

      Thanks José, its very nice of you and I appreciate the feedback!
      I also hope that this year I can dedicate more time to food and writing :)

  2. Yu

    WOW! I think I am reading Anderson’s fairy tale till I read the comments. you wrote it ! amazing! enjoyed the reading.

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