Salad Bowl

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I have a salad obsession.  Hopefully just temporarily or else you won’t see any other recipes on this blog because I’ll forget how to cook.  It all started with  the trip to Israel.  After several months of grey and cold … Continued

Mysterious Artichoke

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I always considered artichoke to be a very enigmatic vegetable.  It’s just so unlike simple and straightforward carrots, squashes, tomatoes, potatoes, etc that you just peel, boil, eat (or just wash and eat).  Compared to the ‘normal’ vegetables we see … Continued

Spring Meadow Salad

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When you find yourself lacking imagination and inspiration for next meal, let the nature guide you.  After all, its hard to plan for complicated meals involving passion fruits and artichokes when you don’t know if they’ll be available at your … Continued