What is the best way to start anything new? Well you might say, most people would start from beginning…I say we start with breakfast!

Breakfast is my favorite part of the day as I am undoubtedly one of those annoying, hyper-active morning people (except on mornings with 6:00 alarm, that is).  Unlike most normal (sleepy) people, I can’t be satisfied with elegant cup of black coffee and a croissant / donut / bagel / cinnamon roll / pastry / toast / other-processed-sugary-fatty-bread-option.  I love vegetables and ideally like to consume them at every meal, including the very first one.  I also like my breakfasts fruity, yogurt-y, nutty, and very, very healthy.

I wish I could claim the title of the inventor of kale (or spinach) smoothie but unfortunately many people before me have gone that route and generously have shared this experience in every media outlet imaginable (although largely restricted to North American continent).  I have been combining kale and yogurt for over a year already when I came across the post on My New Roots blog.  My smoothies have grown even healthier and coincidentally more expensive but that’s besides the point. Once you invest in pricey organic seaweed powder (aka spirulina), discover unassuming hemp seeds, and adopt organic basil plant (non-organic will most likely not make it to it’s one-week birthday)– you can enjoy more glasses of green smoothies than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams. (that’s because almost nobody I know dreams of seaweed-basil-hemp smoothie).

Grassy Green Goodness in a Glass

In case you are curious, here are things that made it into my glass that morning:

– handful of fresh blueberries

– few slices of frozen banana

– 3-4 tablespoons of low-fat plain yogurt

-1/2 teaspoon of spirulina

– 1 teaspoon of hulled hemp seeds

– handful of freshly washed spinach leaves

-3-4 basil leaves

I have a hand-held (stick) blender but if you’re lucky, you might have a proper blender.  Press start.  Press stop.  Pour. Wash dishes.  Now you are ready to drink.  Serve with crusty rye bread, coated in pumpkin seed butter (to match the smoothie) or any other nutty butter.

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