What do you usually take with you when you go on a trip, let’s say by car or by plane? I hope the answer is not a pack of M&M’s and Dorito’s.  I have met people for whom spending several hours in a car/boat/train/plane seems like a perfect excuse to load up on junk food, allowing them to crunch their way through the journey, leaving a colorful trail of trash behind.  I am not saying that there is something wrong with that but rather that I follow a different approach.  I make sandwiches!

Ok, this may seem like adding unnecessary work to often already-stressful situation, especially since ‘food’ is supposedly served everywhere you go.  True, but have you seen prices of sandwiches in a generic airport setting?  If you travel as often as I do (which is quite a lot lately!), you’ll start grabbing whatever you can find from home, to avoid forking out $7-$9 for a processed bread roll, garnished with a lonely piece of iceberg lettuce, a rubbery tomato slice, and an aging salami/tuna/egg, glued together with firm layer of mayo.

My solution typically involves apples (but pears, pears, peaches, etc. could be used instead), cheese (goat and sheep are my favorite), and dark rye whole-grain bread.  These three ingredients are usually shuffled around to create various flavor combinations assisted by addition of tapenade (black olive paste), whole grain mustard with tiny gold seeds, simple hummus, pesto, almond butter, pumpkin seed butter, or any other spready substance.  In between the layers, I like to layer few spinach leaves or arugula leaves to add freshness but you can skip them if not easily available.

Apple Sandwich

The version shown above contains the following (in the order of layers):

– Pumpernickel bread slices

– Tapenade from black olives

– Fresh basil leaves (torn)

– Sliced apples (pick the sour variety)

– Mature sheep cheese (sliced thinly)

– Sun-dried tomatoes, soaked in hot water for 1 hour, then drained and patted with paper towel

Once you’ve built your stack of ingredients in a sandwich-resembling shape, be sure to wrap them tightly and hide in your bag until you’re ready to make other travelers around you jealous.

  • Recipe Category: On the Road
  • Recipe Type: Sandwich
  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Key Ingredient: Fruit, cheese, bread

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