IMG_0821Have you ever felt frustrated because you did not have the right ingredients on hand to make a simple cake for unexpected guests, or, felt lost from variety of choice available in stores? What about coming home after a long trip and finding a mouse that hung itself in your fridge*?

Someone asked me recently whether I ever ‘cheat’ and buy frozen pizza when I don’t have any food at home.  The truth is, I always have food at home.  I may not have fresh vegetables or fruits but I have wide variety of grains, legumes, nuts, spreads, etc. that I can rely on for a healthy source of energy and nutrition any day.  I also developed few strategies when it comes to re-stocking my pantry to ensure I buy the right balance of things (who wants to have five varieties of pasta and zero tomatoes?) and don’t store them beyond their expiration date.

So in this new section, I invite you to visit my pantry and see what kinds of things I have in stock.  I will also share some tips on how to use some ingredients and my logic for choosing a particular item.


*Russian expression that is used to describe fridge devoid of any food (i.e. mouse committed suicide to avoid starvation)