Hi, and welcome to Blushing Beet, your inspiration for healthy plant-based whole foods spiced with occasional travel stories and cultural experiences.

2014_09 Bay areaI am not a professional chef nor am I professional photographer (and I have a full-time office job) but I have passion for whole foods which I pursue on a daily basis through cooking, eating, and sharing with family and friends.  I also enjoy exploring new places – both cities and nature – to gain new perspectives and appreciation for other cultures.  I try to capture my adventures in photos and in writing to encourage my readers to follow my steps and also to create a nice memory for myself.

A little about me: I was born and grew up in north-eastern Ukraine until I moved to Texas, US at the age of 13.  I have been living in Dallas/Fort Worth area since then apart from two years spent in Munich, Germany, which gave me an amazing opportunity to explore Europe.

La Vie en RoseI learned to cook mostly through experimenting in my kitchen and also from reading endless number of cookbooks, magazines and food blogs, as well as from watching cooking TV shows which helped to learn techniques.  My blog does not have very detailed preparation instructions or step-by-step guides explaining various cooking methods because there is already plenty of resources online to help you.  Instead, I am sharing recipe ideas – snippets from my daily kitchen, typically featuring a particular ingredient or a technique.  I hope that some of my stories and photographs will motivate you to try at least one recipe and discover that cooking can be quite simple and fun.

Thank you for vising Blushing Beet!